stuff about the site, like todos

not sure this is the best place to track todos, but i'll just dump stuff here for now and figure that out later...


the live site is experiencing pretty bad fout all of a sudden. which is weird, because i didn't fundamentally change anything afaik. or maybe not?

i'm not sure what the right thing to do for css is. when i'm "engineering", i like to use suit naming conventions. but this is not that, and it's kinda annoying to drop an h2 and p tags next to one another and not have the spacing "just work". but then, when you want to use a class you run into the annoying specificity clashes that suit solves...

thinking that maybe the best solution is to use component classes for scoping descendent tags and to just be careful. as long as components that might change (aren't generated) are in fragments, it's probably okay.

the only thing that really bothers me about writing text directly as html (as opposed to markdown &c) is figuring out how to format <a> tags. they are huge, they mess up all the line breaks. maybe a link index that the build tool can use to preprocess links? something like <w:a k="">html energy</w:a> seems like it could work (where k is a key into the index).

also pre-processing <code> blocks to escape any special characters would be nice.

the static site generator is stripping whitespace before opening parens in the site body due to a bug in the parser for template helpers.

the html parser doesn't allow boolean attributes e.g. <w:frag tab />, so i have to write tab="1" instead.